ABSIT  (2019)

Absit is a short film that explores the natural desire to comprehend the unknown and understand how to live in a world seemingly without purpose. 

Kiran Aarons is a 30 year old man who has lived his life to the fullest with God's intentions in mind. He has kept to a strict 
regime of faith and commitment, and has never felt doubt in his conviction. An accident at a local pool, brought about by a competitive mindset, brings Kiran to his knees at a surreal interaction with what lies beyond death. He battles doubt, fear, irresponsibility and dread as he tries to search for his true meaning on Earth.
Absit is had it's early premiere at the Golden Age Cinema, Sydney on the 20/09/18. Read more about it here.

Absit was officially released in the United States in January 2019. Available to watch on ShortsTV for US residents only.
Other territory releases are currently in the works.



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